Industrial gases, especially condensable gases, flammable and explosive gases, corrosive and toxic gases cannot be transmitted without liquid-ring vacuum pump and compressor.
NIKUNI is an expert in the field of liquid-ring vacuum pumps and compressors.
NIKUNI is not only engaged in the production of vacuum pumps and compressors. With many years of painstaking research and development, it has also accumulated rich experience in the analysis of application process requirements and the engineering technology of complete liquid-ring vacuum pump and compressor packages. This enables us to provide customers with full-range reasonable and value-added solutions.
Model name Product name Flow rate Total head Liquid temperature
LVSD Stainless steel, compact size
LVFD Ferrous material, compact size
LVS Stainless steel, small size
LVF Ferrous, small size
LV Stainless steel / Ferrous material, large size
SKH Stainless steel / Ferrous material, medium size


Model nameProduct nameFlow rateTotal headLiquid temperature


Model nameProduct nameFlow rateTotal headLiquid temperature