Environment and Quality Initiatives

As the pumps and other equipment Nikuni manufacturers mainly handle air and water, there is a deep connection to the environment.

Through use in wastewater treatment facilities and biomass generation, Nikuni’s products have direct influence on the environment.  By manufacturing pumps that reduce power consumption and proposing to improve the efficiency of the production line, Nikuni helps achieve energy savings at the manufacturing site. Making full use of filtration technology and by making factory wastewater clean, water quality conservation and reduction of industrial waste is achieved. We at Nikuni aim to reduce environmental burden and realize a sustainable society through technological development and production control.

Environmental Management System ISO 4001 Certification Acquisition 

Nikuni’s Environmental Policy
Nikuni manufactures pumps which are used with air and water which are essential for life, as well as other liquids and gasses which are used for vital progress of science and technology.  These products are sold domestically and in foreign markets. As such, Nikuni is in a position to contribute to the protection of the global environment.  To make use of our position and pursue more effective results, Nikuni will establish the following environmental policy, gather as much knowledge and technology as possible, and promote the improvement of the global environment. 

Quality Management System ISO9001 Certification Acquisition

Nikuni’s Quality Policy

Nikuni will reliably and efficiently promote quality initiatives  in business operations, products, and services. Under the following policy we will provide products that our customers trust and are satisfied with.

Initiatives for SDGs

The Paris Agreement, which came into effect in November 2016, set a target for global temperature rise to be less than 2 degrees celsius and an effort target to be less than 1.5 degrees celsius from before the industrial revolution, and emits greenhouse gases such as CO2 in the latter half of this century. We are aiming for virtually zero.

We are actively developing environmentally friendly products, and this time the Micro-bubbles generator has been certified as "Low CO2 Kawasaki Brand '19".

Micro-bubbles generators are used in wide range of fields such as Dissolved flotation treatment plants for general industry, removes of oils and fats from food factories or kitchen wastewater, wastewater for cleaning tools.

* What is the low CO2 Kawasaki brand? Throughout the entire life cycle (raw material procurement, production, distribution / sales, use / maintenance, disposal / recycling), greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced compared to conventional products. , Products, technologies and services from Kawasaki.