Inner voltex pump

Special_Application_Products Transferring_solid-liduid_mixture_fluids


Great for solids, high viscose fluids & gas-dissolved fluid transport. Gentle transportation of fragile solids withoout damage.


Soft solids
- Eggs, rice cake, beans, tomatoes, pickles, oranges, meat etc.

Granulated solids & high viscos fluids
- Sauce w/ granulated solids, stew, curry, salad dressing, minced garlic etc.

Hard solids 
- Rice, wheat, soy beans, nuts, clams, shrimp, fruit etc.


1. The Inner Vortex Pump is designed with three primary parts:
-A dome-shape disc with internally-located vortex blades that generate centrifugal force and are gentle to solids in the fluid.
-A flat disc fixed on the pump shaft.
-Four pillars that connect two discs.
2. Fluids with solid materials are transported gently by the centrifugal force of the inner vortex blades and the frictional force of the flat disc.
3. The vortex blades on the dome-shaped disc rotates, gently lifting solid materials without
smashing them. The solids which flow into the chamber turn 90°, move along the surface of
the flat disc, and are gently transported.
4. The pump does not allow for residual fluids*, creates a smooth flow, and enables CIP-Cleaning In Place and SIP-Sterilizing In Place.


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