Hydrocyclone separator

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Vortex Dynamic Filter is a highly efficient, media free coolant filtration system which achieves filtration through centrifugal force eliminating the need for disposable paper or cartridge filters


Fluid containing sludge flows from the supply pump into the VDF via the side port and through the inlet, which is positioned tangential to the periphery at the top of the separator.The fluid flows along the inner wall of the cyclone and the pressure energy is converted into rotational energy. Whilst turning under the strong centrifugal force, the heavier sludge descends the tapered body towards the narrow nozzle in the base of the VDF. After passing the nozzle the sludge is discharged into the sludge pod

The discharged sludge rapidly loses its rotational force, is collected in the sludge pod and collects until discharging, either manually or via a solenoid valve. Any ultra fine sludge which is unable to generate sufficient centrifugal force and descend down the inner wall of the separator, is discharged along with the cleaned fluid from the top port. During this process an area of low pressure is present in the center of the separator.


1. Maintenance-free operation resulting in no industrial waste
   – Running costs can be significantly reduced as operation does not require filters which require downtime, create industrial waste, and must be disposed of.
2. Highly efficient, precision filtration
   – At 0.2 MPa (2 Bar) supplied pressure, filtration performance of the VDF reaches as high as 95% of 25 μm size particles and over 90% for 10μm.
3. Sludge disposal made easier by concentration of contaminated fluid
  – Contaminated fluid and sludge are concentrated in the optional sludge pod to facilitate subsequent disposal.
4. Wide range of sizes and solutions
  – Single unit sizes range between 10 to 300 (1000) L/min 
5. Stainless steel and Nylon models are available
6. Filter ferrous and non-ferrous materials
7. Cleaner coolant, reduce scratches or damage resulting improvement of NG rates
8. No foam or bubbles are produced by trapped air



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