VSC3100 chiller

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Circulating water chiller for small machinery

Prevents temperature fluctuation


Easy operation

Starts operation automatically when fluid temperature exceeds the preset temperature, performing automatically controlling temperature within a range of 2.5°C (36.5°F)

Compact and simple installation

Footprint is as small as 300 x 250 mm (~12x10 in.). Simple AC 100V power connection.

VSC 3100 can be installed easily on existing tanks.

Achieves enhanced yield and zero emission

Besides higher machining accuracy, proliferation of putrefying bacteria which can be a source of unpleasant odors is prevented, the need of periodical fluid change is eliminated, and the work environment is improved.

Specification Data

Note1: More effective when installed above the current of the coolant
Note2: Cooling performance decreases by 10% with oil-based coolant
Note3: Functional with fluids for experimental equipment other than machine coolant, or fluid circulation units for demonstration machines and all types of equipment