White Ion Bath / Silky bath

Micro-bubble_Generator Micor-bubble_generator_for_SPA_application


Form a negative ion shower
Enjoy the milky way bath


1.Both your mind and body can truly relax and enjoy the healing by the large amount of negative ions emitted by the rupture of micro bubbles.
2.The bubbly ultrasonic waves massage the whole body, thereby enhanching blood circulation and moisturising your skin.
3.The micro bubbles penetrate deep into the pores and cleans out the dirt, so that the skin becomes as smooth as silk!
4.A luxurious sensation and exhilaration can be experienced from the extensive spread of mist from the shower.
5.Wrapped in a white veil, one can enjoy bathing without having worry about the stares from others.
6.Lighting and image projection create a super gorgeous and exciting bath time.
7. Already introduced in numerous relaxation facilities, we have received very good reputation.
Current clients: Times Resta - TOKYO Hotel Kahou - NIIGATA Pre. Ryusenjinoyu - AICHI Pre.

Specification Data

WIB-V series        
Model Bthtub size (m2) Bathtub size (m3) Dimension (WxDxH) Power consumption (kW)
WIB - 4 5.0 3.0 900 x 750 x 1322 3.7
WIB - V6 7.0 4.2 775 x 820 x 1500 7.5
WIB - V8 9.0 5.4 870 x 855 x 1820 11.0
WIB - V10 12.0 7.2 870 x 855 x 1820 15.0
WIB-Jr series        
WIB - J20(S) 1.5 0.6 270 x 345 x 690 0.75
WIB - J32 3.0 1.8 350 x 450 x 850 1.5