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NIKUNI's ultra fine micro-bubbles WHITE ION BATH

Customer’s voices

Installed in 9 deluxe public bathhouses. Now a popular standard.

"Japanese people love hot springs and public baths.
They are very particular about hot spring trips or even enjoying the feeling of hot springs with bath salts.
Nikuni, an industrial pump manufacturer, has been received favorable reputation for its " WHITE ION BATH (WIB)," which can create silky hot water with ultra-fine bubbles without using bath salts.
WIB is now steadily being introduced in the SPA and hotels industries.

One of our clients is Tokyo Tatemono Resort (Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Akihiro Nishiyama President and CEO).
They operate deluxe public bathhouse named "Ofuro no Ohsama" in the suburbs of Tokyo,
one of many companies that has adopted WIB.
We had a chance to interview Mr. Toru Kobayashi, Sales Manager of Store development department. 

About the background and merits of using WIB.

WHITE ION BATH is a system that creates silky hot water with ultrafine micro-bubbles.
It helps to create a large number of negative ions bring a healing effect relaxing your mind and your body.
Ultrasonic bursts of microbubbles gently massage the whole body, protecting the skin and restoring skin moisture. 

Developing 9 deluxe public bathhouses in Tokyo area.
The silky bath named “Kinu No Yu” is the most popular one
in 4 public bathhouses.

Based on the concept of “providing customers with many types of baths,” we have opened 9 deluxe public bathhouses in Tokyo, Kanagawa, and Saitama which are in Shiki, Konandai, Hana-Koganei, Tama-Mogusa, Oimachi , Ebina, Seya, Koza Shibuya Station Square, and Machida.
Each store offers a variety of baths, such as carbonated springs and jet baths, etc., to provide customers with a fun and comfortable bathing experience.
Among them, the silky bath named "Kinu No Yu" made by WIB, has been introduced at four stores, and it is ranked as the most popular bath that is highly evaluated by customers.

Japanese people love colored hot water.
WHITE ION BATH is easy to maintain as the pipes are clean, and above all it is hygienic.

What prompted us to introduce WHITE ION BATH is that Japanese people love hot water with colors such as silky and brown, and we wondered if we could create such colored bath.
By knowing that it was possible to make colored hot water with ultra-fine bubbles without using bath salts, we introduced a silky bath created by ultrafine micro-bubbles under the name "Kinu-no-Yu" at Hikarigaoka Store, which was the very first one.
At that time, the facility was made by a different manufacturer and the silky bath had a good reputation among customers, the pipes were also clean and hygienic. However, it was difficult to adjust the whiteness of the hot water, and it was difficult every day to make it work as I wanted.
That was when I was introduced to Nikuni’s WHITE ION BATH series.
When I tested it out, it was very easy to adjust and operate.
Then, I decided to implement WIB series for the first time at the Hanakoganei Store that was opened later, and we have been indebted to Nikuni ever since.

Even at busy stage of store opening time, everything becomes ready by just a push button.
It has a highly reliable specification with no malfunctions for seven years

WHITE ION BATH does not break down even when being used every day, and anyone can easily make white hot water with just pushing a button.
It is a big risk for a bathhouse to be unable to use it due to malfunction, which is directly linked to losing credibility and trust of the store.
In that respect, the WIB series has never failed to work for seven years, making it very easy for administrators to operate.
In addition, bathhouse stores are normally extremely busy at the opening time, so even one minute and one second is valued to be spent for, such as, preparing to welcome customers, starting up the boiler, setting up each bath, checking hygiene, managing part-timers , and preparing the dining area.
At this busy stage, I think WIB is a very excellent facility that can be set faultlessly to create the silky bath every day at the touch of a button, which causes no interruptions to other management and operation works.

The silky bath by WHITE ION BATH has a great visual impact!
We look forward to continuous co-operation with Nikuni to create a fun bath experience.

The silky hot water made with the WHITE ION BATH surprised me when I entered it.
We have received feedback from female customers that the hot water feels soft due to its fluffy sensation.
Creating a bath is not only novelty, but it is also very difficult because you have to consider cost and hygiene.
Among them, the silky hot water made with the WHITE ION BATH is pure white and eye-catching, making us feel good when entering it.
Moreover, it is hygienic without damaging the piping, and the setup is easy with a single button, so I feel that WIB has a very high degree of perfection.
From now on, we are also thinking about renovating our suburban stores and opening more urban stores like the Oimachi Store.
Going forward, I hope that WHITE ION BATH will continue to improve, such as in terms of energy-saving performance so that together we can bring the best bathing experience to customers. 
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