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NIKUNI's ultra fine micro-bubbles WHITE ION BATH

Product introduction

NIKUNI's WHITE ION BATH is implemented with its flagship product [Regenerative Turbine Pump], generating ultrafine micro-bubbles and producing silky white color into bathtub.
WHITE ION BATH constructed with below three major components.
Only three components can provide an excellent relaxation effect to your bathtub.

[KARYU TURBO MIXER] is utilized with Regenerative Turbine Pump technologies for dissolving air into water in high efficiency,
[SPECIAL TANK] that can produce micro-bubbles form and
[SPECIAL MICRO-BUBLES FOAMING NOZZLE] that can produce ultrafine micro-bubbles into bathtub.

Schematic flow diagram
     Components included in Nikuni’s WHITE ION BATH packaged unit



Model Bathtub size(m2) Bathtub capacity(m3) External dimension W×D×H(mm) Motor power(kW)
WIB-4 ~5.0 ~3.0 900×750×1322 3.7
WIB-V6 ~7.0 ~4.2 775×820×1500 7.5
WIB-V8 ~9.0 ~5.4 870×855×1820 11.0
WIB-V10 ~12.0 ~7.2 870×855×1820 15.0



Model Bathtub size(m2) Bathtub capacity(m3) External dimension W×D×H(mm) Motor power(kW)
WIB-J20(S) ~1.5 ~0.6 270×345×690 0.75
WIB-J32 ~3.0 ~1.8 350×450×850 1.5
※ WIB-J20(S) はロット販売品になります。
Silky white color of WHITE ION BATH is formed by ultrafine bubbles in micron sizes, being filled in a bathtub.
It is expected that hundreds millions of ultrafine micro-bubbles are included in 1 liter of silky water.

 You can expect a detoxifying effect for tired minds and bodies with the power of ultrafine micro - bubbles and overflowing negative ions.

Table of negative ion measurement values (Measured date: 13th January 2005)

Place Measurement value (Max) Measurement value (average) Temperature
Bubbles art (surrounding) 800 600 15
Bubble art (center) Unmeasurable
(more than 19,000)
6,000 15
Aqua movie 1,400 800 15
(Bathtub surrounding / closed indoor space)
10,000 8,000 42
(Bathtub surrounding / open indoor space)
(more than19,000)
12,000 42
(Bathtub inside / opened indoor space)
(more than19,000)
15,000 42
* Value was significantly dropped if the bathtub installed in closed indoor space
* Average value if WHITE ION BATH not in operation is 203.
* Average value is an normal working office is 200

A bath full of enzymes will revitalize your mind and body.
With the efficient mixing ability of the KARYU TURBO MIXER, it is possible to meet the expectation of "plenty" and "many" microbubbles the bathtub than the conventional system.
A very high level of enzyme concentration can be maintained for a long time.

White Ion Bath brings energy saving effect to everyone. Since it does not require gas or chemicals, there is no additional running cost other than operating the equipment itself.
Of course, you will still have to pay for electricity and water.
The required power varies depending on the size of the device.
If you want to know the detailed electricity expense, please contact our sales department.

Example of power consumption
Tokyo Electric Power: WIB4 (3.7 kW)
Electricity expense for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week is around 33,553JPY/month
(Electricity expense calculator URL

All can be done with a simple and easy one-touch operation.
After delivery, our service personnel will perform a test run.
After the trial run, there is no need for daily settings and me at the installation site.
It can be operated by just pushing ON/OFF button.
It is very easy to maintain and operate.

About structures of WHITE ION BATH

WHITE ION BATH is sold as a set of the "KARYU TURBO MIXER", "Special tank" and "Special micro-bubbles foaming nozzle".

Attention when installing equipment and foaming nozzles.
  • The basic specifications are for use with single piping.
  • Avoid right-angled loop pipping. (In case of right-angled loop pipping, there is a possibility that air locks may occur inside the pipping)
  • Nikuni does not generally sell hair catchers and suction eyelets, but please be sure to install them.
  • The micro-bubbles foaming nozzle can be cleaned by removing the front cover, so be careful not to make it wholly buried.
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