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NIKUNI's ultra fine micro-bubbles WHITE ION BATH

Merits of implementing WIB

Benefits for owners

Get your customer's attention.

The bathtub filled with silky white foam is both beautiful to look and creates a sense of luxury which enhances customer satisfaction.

Worldwide number 1. Silky white water.

Nikuni’s mixing technology, which has been well received for industrial micro-bubbles generation, is applied. Please experience the fine and high density silky white water.

Inexpensive running cost!

Since it is generated by using only air and water, there is no need for carbon dioxide gas or bath salts, which reduces the running costs.
In addition, since it does not damage facilities such as piping system and no chemical adhesive are used, the facility can be kept in hygienic condition with a long service life.

Benefits for contractors

Mixing technology that can only be developed by Nikuni - No. 1 market share for Regenerative Turbine Pumps!

Our KARYU TURBO MIXER, whose core technology is a
high - performance mixer pump being capable of "sucking",
"mixing", "stirring", "dissolving", and "pressurizing" in just one single unit.
By using it, air can be easily dissolved in hot water.

WIB is an all-in-one packaged unit.

Fine micro-bubbles are generated by KARYU TURBO MIXER.
The mixture is first being placed in a special dissolution tank, passing an excess air separation tank.
By doing so, finer and more stable micro-bubbles can be generated.
All Nikuni's WIB series are all-in-one packaged units.
WIB is a unit that can be easily operated by push button adjustment.

No adjustment is required! Easy operation and quick setup.

Easy setup with a single button push without using "compressor" which often requires complicated adjustments for operation.
Since the setup is fast, it is safe for daily operation as well.

Images on surface of the water!

Perfect for amusement facilities!
You can project images on the surface of the water with a projector.

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